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Welcome to Dee's Dixie Indians' Days blogsite! I'm excited to create this site for the players, parents, families, and friends of the Dixie Indians. My goal is to create a site that gives everyone game updates and narratives, photos, videos, and calendars. Hopefully, this will allow families who are unable to attend games, to follow the events through the Internet. Most importantly, I'd like this site to be a place for the boys to share in memories of being part of the Dixie Indians Family. Also, some parents have mentioned that you tried to post a comment on the blog. I think there's a problem with the script for my site that is causing it to not let you post your comments. So if you want to e-mail me a comment at then I'll post it for you (sorry).

For those new to the Dixie Indians, we are in our 5th year of being a traveling comp baseball team from the St. George, Utah area. Most of the boys on the team started when they were eight or nine years old. They are now age twelve and thirteen, playing in the 13 and under divisions.

Hey Dixie Indians Fans. I have to apologize, this is a busy time at work for me so I haven't updated as often as I intended. But here's some of my favorite photos from the March Madness Tournament that I haven't posted yet.

Hi Dixie Indians fans. We're mid-stream our 2nd ball game in Mesquite in the Cactus Classic Tournament. If you haven't already heard, we lost our 1st game to Diamond Sports out of Oregon. It was a tough loss and the game went back and forth. Braxton was the starting pitcher and Gavin finished out the game. We also had some great plays by Evan at short stop. All the Indians were playing tough and we were tied heading into the bottom of the 5th inning. But that's when nothing seemed to go right for the Indians and everything seemed to work out for Diamond Sports and with 5 runs already scored by Diamond, the game was called as time ran out. The final score was 9 to 4 for Diamond Sports.

The 2nd game is going on now against the Utah Vipers. It is raining, windy, wet, and cold. Most of the fans are watching from their cars in the parking lot (like me).

We are home team. Evan was pitching and had a rough 1st inning and uncharacteristically walked several batters, including a walked run. The Vipers have a tough pitcher and we were unable to score the 1st inning.

During the 2nd inning, Evan was warmed up and the Vipers were unable to score. The Indians came to the plate ready to hit. Our bats were alive with some singles and a walk and had the bases loaded with 2 outs. Unfortunately we weren't able to capitalize on the hits when the Vipers got their 3rd out.

In the 3rd inning the Vipers came alive with their bats and were able to score 2 more runs. With runners in scoring position, Tanner Webster caught a short pop-fly in right field for the 3rd out. It was the Indians turn to come alive. Our first 2 batters got out and then Justice came up and hit a triple to right field. Dylan was up and hit a ground ball to 2nd base, who bobbled the ball and then threw it to first base. Dylan was safe and Justice was also able to score to put the score to 2 to 3 for the Vipers.

In the 4th inning, Clay came in to pitch. We got the 1st batter out. The Vipers then got a runner on base in scoring position. The next batter hit a bunt and we had a throwing error to first allowing a base runner to score. With a runner on third base, the Vipers bunt again and this time we got the runner on 3rd in a pickle. Tyler was able to run him down for the 2nd out. The 3rd out came with another pop fly catch by Tanner in right field.

With the Vipers leading by one, the Indians came up to bat. Both Tyler and Tanner got on base. Jordan then came up and hit a grounder which was fielded and thrown to first but Tyler was running in for the tie score. First base went for the double play to home and Tyler slid in and took out the catcher for the score. The catcher bobbled the ball and Tanner was also able to score. Taking the Indians up by one, score 5 to 4.

....delay of info, but the Indians are now up 7 to 5...the game was just stopped for a rain delay. It's poring...and cold!

Okay, they brought the boys back since the Indians are home team and only needed the last 2 outs. Which they did. We Won! 7 to 5.

The Dixie Indians finished the March Madness 2009 Tournament on Saturday, March 21st by beating the Taylorsville Warriors, and then the Utah Raiders in order to advance to the Championship game against the Utah Horns.
It was a long day, and after 3 back-to-back games, the Indians can certainly keep their heads high knowing that out of 40 teams, they were one of the final top 2 teams. Way to go boys!

The March Madness tournament is underway and the Dixie Indians have taken their opponents by storm. The Indians have again gone 4 and 0 in pool play with an impressive defensive front by allowing only 7 runs in 4 games. They've also been a scoring machine in offense with a total of 46 runs. With such impressive stats, the Indians are seeded #3 for Saturday's championship bracket against Taylorsville, the #6 seed.

The tournament started off on Thursday in Mesquite against the Lone Peak Nights. The Indians were on the scoreboard first with 2 runs. Evan was the starting pitcher and pitched the first 3 innings, and backed by strong defense, the Knights were unable to score. Braxton relieved Evan and although throwing hard, the Knights found their bats and battled back with some solid grounders down the third base line. Soon the score was tied at 2. In their final at bat, the Knights drove in another run to go up by 1 run.

The Indians had one more chance to tie or win the game. Evan was the first batter and started the rally by hitting a double. Evan advanced to 3rd on a wild pitch. With a single from Clay, he earned a RBI by hitting Evan in to tie up the game. Justice then had a single, as did Dylan with also a RBI to hit Clay in. The Indians were now up by 1 but continued with their scoring momentum with Braxton walking, a single from Tyler, a single from Gavin (and 2 RBI's), and KJ with another single (and RBI). After adding 6 runs to the scoreboard in the final inning, the game was called due as the game-time expired. The final score was 8 to 3.

The Dixie Indians then had a break between their next game against the Cache Sox. The game got a late start and we started at almost 10:00 at night, Utah time. (Sorry, no pics, it's too hard once it gets dark). The Indians were visitors. We started out the first inning and scored 1 on an RBI from Braxton. Everyone was hitting solid. Then it was the Sox's turn but with Gavin at the mound, the Sox were no match for the Indians. Gavin struck out the first 2 batters, walked the next one, and then Chance got the 3rd out by catching a hard hit fly ball in right field.

The second inning was a pitchers-dual between the pitchers. Gavin struck out the Sox's first 2 batters and then must have felt sorry for the 3rd batter as he hit him with a pitch so they could have a runner on base. Clay couldn't sympathize though and fielded the next batters hit, and threw him out at first base.

The third inning was pretty much batting practice for the Indians who scored 5 runs with Clay, Justice, Dylan, Braxton, and Tyler all hitting singles, and Gavin hitting a hard-double (HD). Not only were the Indians hitting, they were running too. Danny was sending most of the Indians from 2nd base into home each time a single was hit. The Sox then had their "ups"...which then became "downs" with Gavin striking out 2 batters, and KJ throwing one out from 2nd base.

In the fourth inning, the score was still 6 to 0. Clay came in to pitch and did a great job with one strike out. Jordan also made a great catch during the inning by chasing down and leaping for a fly ball in left-field, robbing the Sox of a great hit.

In the last inning, the Indians went to work again with their bats and scored 3 more runs with hits from Justice, Dylan, Braxton, Tyler, and Gavin. The Indians then held the Sox scoreless, winning the game 9 to 0.

Springtime Fans Were Out on Friday
to Support our Favorite Boys of Summer

Friday's game started off against the Tuff Country Predators and the Dixie Indians were ready to play ball. KJ was the starting pitcher and had 3 great innings.

Dylan pitched the last 2 innings and also pitched great, throwing hard with several "K's". He also went against his dad's predication that he'd hit the 1st batter, and didn't hit anyone :)

Other game highlights came with a full-circle (whoops) catch from Jordan in left field, some great fielding and catching from Tyler who almost threw out a couple of base runners at 1st base (from his knees), and great hitting from everyone.

Since I was also keeping score and busily shading in the 15 runs by the Indians, there wasn't much time to write more stats down other than all the boys were playing awesome and the Predators need to find someone other than Indians to feast on. Final score was 15 to 2.

Happy Valentines Day Dixie Indians! The Dixie Indians had another successful day, winning both of their games again, and giving them a 4 and 0, undefeated record for the tournament so far. Based upon the posted results, it unofficially looks like they be seeded #2 in Pool 2. Only the Utah Horns, also 4 and 0 had a better runs-allowed record then the Indians in pool 2.

The day started out against the Utah Raiders with Clay Gardner at the starting pitch position.

In the 1st inning, the Utah Raiders held the Dixie Indians scoreless and then were able to go up by 1 with a run. The momentum changed in the 2nd inning, with Braxton, Dylan, and Drew all hitting doubles. Taking the score in the Indians favor to 4 to 1. But the Raiders came back to score 3 more in the 2nd inning to tie the game at 4.

The Raiders held the Indians scoreless in the 3rd inning. With KJ now at pitch, it appeared the Raiders had a batter in scoring position when Gavin, at 3rd and Clay Gardner at 2nd turned a double play to clear the bases.

The Raiders battled and had a runner on 1st base. The next batter came up and hit a hard line fly to center field. As the base runner on 1st rounded 2nd, he hesitated slightly and headed to third - but Drew didn't hesitate to throw the ball to Gavin at 3rd, who tagged the Raider out for the 3rd out and keeping the score tied at 4.
The Indians went up by 3 in the 4th inning from strong hitting by Dylan, Evan, and KJ - who slid into 3rd base with a hard ground triple.

Braxton came in as pitch to finish out the final two innings against the Raiders.

With some good defensive plays by Evan at short-stop, Jordan in left field, and Dylan in right field over the next two innings, the Indians only allowed one additional run by the Raiders.

Justice also displayed some good base running, stealing to 3rd on a passed ball and then to home on an overthrow by the catcher. The Dixie Indians finished the game with a winning score of 8 to 5, and clinching a 3 and 0 record for the tournament.

The fourth and last pool game for the Dixie Indians was against the Las Vegas Frozen Ropes. Evan was the starting pitcher and started the 1st inning strong with 3 strike outs. The Indians then drew first blood and scored 2 runs.

The Frozen Ropes were able to score during the 2nd inning while the Indians were getting their 3rd out with a great relay from Drew in center field to Braxton, who had rotated to 2nd, and tagged the player on the slide. The Indians were unable to score in the 2nd inning, yet were still up by 1.

The 3rd inning in the field was tough on the Indians. Tyler Wardell started the inning as pitch. With the bases loaded, Justice came in to relief Tyler and worked hard to prevent more runs. Justice was tough under the pressure but ultimately, the Frozen Ropes would score 3 during the inning off of a walk, a bach, and a flyball. The Indians were now down by 2. A great defensive play during the inning came from Drew with a throw from center field to Gavin at home just in time to tag out a base runner and save a scored run.

Not to be out-done in the 3rd inning, the Indians battled hard to score 3 runs and go up by 1. The score was now 5 to 4 for the Indians.

During the 4th inning, Justice threw a great inning, despite the unsportsmanship from the Frozen Ropes who chanted at Justice during his wind-up. Undaunted, Justice had 2 strike outs during the inning. Evan fielded a ground ball for the other out, to shut-out the Frozen Ropes for the inning. In the Indians up to bat, Jordan had a single to right field and was then able to score by a steal on a passed ball and then by being advanced by hits from KJ and Drew with the RBI. The score was now 6 to 4 for the Indians.

Knowing this was their last time at bat, the Frozen Ropes fought hard during the top of the 5th inning. The 1st batter hit a fly ball to Dylan at right field who caught it for the out. The next batter was hit by a pitch and advanced to 1st base. The 3rd batter hit a pop fly to shallow right field and Jordan moved out to make the catch. With 2 outs, the Frozen Ropes caught a little luck when a hard grounder to Jordan at 2nd took an ugly hop, and got passed him, allowing a run to score. The score was now 6 to 5 for the Indians.

The Frozen Ropes soon found themselves in position to tie the game, and possibly go up by one with runners at 3rd and 2nd base. The next batter hit a hard line drive up the 3rd base line. It looked like a winning hit but their hopes were quickly dashed when Evan lept into the air and snagged the line drive to end the exciting game. Way to go E!

The Indians won the game to go 4 and 0!

Friday the 13th proved to be a great day for the Dixie Indians. Superstitions that this is an unlucky date was proved wrong by the perseverance of the Indians who won both of their games. But most importantly they won their second game against the Idaho Falls Red Sox -- a long-time nemesis of the Indians.

The first game was against the Sandlot Baseball Academy. Evan Moss was the starting pitcher and threw hard for three innings. With help from his teammates, he kept the Sandlot boys scoreless.

The Dixie Indians were too much for their opponent with all team members stepping it up. Justice Santiago was strong at the plate, starting with a double in his first at bat and then churning out another later.

Tyler Wardell and Gavin Graff also joined the double-pack with doubles of their own later in the game.

In the 3rd inning, Sandlot was ready to score with players on 2nd and 3rd base, but then were shut down by Drew Batchelor, catching a fly ball for the 3rd out.

Justice and Jordan also helped out in the outfield with a few catches of their own.

In the 4th inning, KJ Harrison relieved Evan as pitcher. After walking a couple of batters, KJ found his groove and had the Sandlot players finding only air with their bats.

The Dixie Indians captured a 9 to 3 win and turned out a stellar first game with great hitting, fielding, base running, and a great throw from Gavin at catch to Braxton at 1st to tag out a base runner.

  • After a two-hour rest period, the Indians took the field as visitors against the Idaho Falls Red Sox. Although temperatures were falling, the Indians' blood was running hot with their eagerness to beat the Red Sox.
Gavin Graff was the starting pitcher and delivered an unwavering performance with 9 strike outs in the first 5 innings. The game was scoreless at 0 to 0 in the first 3 innings by both teams holding strong defensively.

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